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We are passionate about supporting you to develop a 
'CanDo Attitude' to maths in your classroom.

does this Sound Familiar?
You've been appointed the maths lead for your school and you want to move things forward, give your teachers the support they need to feel confident with the subject and help each child grow... but you don't know where to start, who to turn to and it all feels overwhelming!

Don't worry because you're not alone. 

For the last 11 years we've been working with maths leaders and teachers in primary schools and time and again they've told us that they need more support, both for themselves as a maths leader trying to improve maths, and to help colleagues who are struggling. The problem is that it's difficult to know who to turn to, and dwindling budgets mean that ongoing support is outside the reach of many Maths leaders.

That's why we've created the CanDoMaths Club.
Designed with You and For You...
Many Leaders, like you, have told us that they feel:
  • Uncertain how to improve the number of children meeting expected standards and greater depth?
  • confused about what resources and options are going to support you to best lead and implement the changes across your school
  • worried about being able to demonstrate progress should OFSTED come in
  • frustrated that you have no time to focus on your children, because you're spending every spare minute planning and rustling up resources.
We've listened, and explored and shared ideas, so that we can create a program of support that delivers what you want. 
The Mission of the CanDoMaths Club...
It's simple, our mission is to give you the support and tools to achieve the maths improvement goals you want over the next academic year. 
The CanDoMaths Club will give you:
  • Guidance to find a clear path and ongoing professional support to navigate that path when obstacles arise.
  • ​A curriculum that helps build on the CanDo attitude in your classrooms
We know that some people feel nervous about their own subject knowledge, and we want to take that anxiety away

We understand that it is important for you to have clear, professional guidance from experts, and we want to give you that support.

We see the stress that an inspection can cause, and we want you to be ready and on track when Ofsted call.

We appreciate that budgets are tight, and that's why we want to give you this valuable resource at an affordable price.

We have created CanDoMaths Club for you and with you.

So...What is The CanDoMaths Club?
  •  CanDoMaths iiimpact Framework for self evaluation to enable Leaders to have a clear view of where maths is in their school and what the steps are to get to where they want to be...
  • No matter when you sign up you will still have access to ALL free resources (yours to keep) and the online resources until 31st July 2020. 
  • One payment for the whole academic year. Not a subscription, so you're not tied into any automatic renewal for next year.
  • ​Our 'iimpact' Resource Bundle, will provide expert support for the Implementation of the Mastery approach in your school.
  • ​ Hit the ground running, be prepared - sign up today!
CanDoMaths Improvement Support Package
With Steve Lomax and Liz Hopkins
Resources for each Unit are released 2 weeks before the 
Unit is planned to start.
  •  An interactive 'iiimpact' improvement planning tool to create an 'iiimpact' dashboard for your school identifying strengths and areas for development:
  • ​Termly online leadership support/training videos
  • Termly live Q&A sessions supporting leaders with bespoke solutions to their school
  •  Online lesson planning clinics to support teachers
  • ​'Guest Spot' videos, interviews and clinics with other education experts, Subject Leaders and Headteachers
  • ​Online subject expertise tutorials to support teachers
Plus the 'iiimpact' Resource Bundle: 
  • ​iiimpact Framework - Self Evaluation tool
  • ​Calculation Policy and Yearly Calculation Progression documents
  • ​Mastery Matrix - examples of pupil tasks to secure and deepen understanding, opportunities for reasoning/solving problems opportunities for the Manageable Steps in learning and provide teacher support for lesson planning
  • ​CanDo Geometry Box Set (Y1-6)
  • ​Baseline arithmetic tests for each Year Group
  • ​Standardised tests for each term
  • ​Customisable Intent and Implementation Statement
  • ​Mathematics Curriculum mapped out for all years and unpicked into Manageable Steps (Maths Nav), including a 'teacher's map' for each section of the curriculum.
  •  Termly lesson by lesson curriculum plan for all year groups including MOT sessions
Face to face support opportunities: 
  • ​50% off tickets for LeadMeets throughout the year
  • ​Apply to be coached with Steve Lomax and/or Liz  Hopkins for one of the planning clinic sessions
  • ​Top Up your membership to receive 121, bespoke adaptation of the Manageable Steps in learning for your school.
Other bonuses:
  • ​10% off ALL CanDoMaths resources, all year.
  • ​CanDoMaths Club exclusive competitions
  • ​Exclusive offers
  • ​Have your say - tell us what we can do to improve the CanDoMaths Club as you go.
And 'Budget friendly'!!! .... all this for just £397* for academic year 2019/20
£297* for Junior schools 
£247* for Infant schools
*Excluding VAT
Please note: Your membership grants you access to the Maths Club online resources from now until the end of the next academic year 2019-2020 (31st July 2020) 
ALL PDF resources are yours to keep - forever.
What OFSTED have said about the maths in 
schools who have been working with Steve and Liz using the CanDoMaths principles, strategies and resources:
"Leaders are establishing a mastery approach to mathematics. Consequently, pupils are presented with more opportunities to problem solve and explain their reasoning and working out. This is evident in their work, where pupils' grappling with difficult questions is visible. This approach is helping pupils to develop a more sophisticated conceptual understanding so that they mathematical learning is built on a more solid foundation.
- Churchdown Village Junior School
"Following the Key Stage 1 results in 2016 that were below national figures, you took prompt and effective action to improve teaching in mathematics. The 'do it', 'stretch it' and 'deepen it' approach has introduced higher levels of challenge to extend pupils' thinking. Outcomes in 2017 were above national figures at the expected standard because pupils were enthused by the new way of learning.

You have tackled successfully the recommendation from the previous inspection to improve outcomes for pupils in mathematics. You provided a range of training and professional development for staff to extend their skills and develop effective practice. Pupils, especially the most able, are now fully challenged in their learning and making faster progress." 
- Dinglewell Infants.
CanDo and You...
Underpinning the CanDoMaths Club is our 'iiimpact Framework' self-evaluation tool, which has been specifically designed to provide you with a Maths Leadership Model. 

The Maths Improvement Support Package, which you can access through the CanDoMaths Club is all about providing you with the support you need and expert advice to help you see enjoyment and achievement in maths, with all your children.

The Leadership Model will support you with..
  • having access to regular, expert advice
  • ​having a maths curriculum that you are confident with and that provides Manageable Steps in learning for every year group
  • developing reasoning and problem solving as an integral part of maths in the school 
  • ​having time and energy to focus on leading maths and teaching.
  • no longer feeling that dread and worry that you could be inspected at any moment and being confident that you're ready for any Ofsted visit, whenever it may come. 
What teachers who are already using 
CanDoMaths Resources are saying:
Just Some of the Great Benefits!
iiimpact Framework a maths leadership model that helps you know where maths is and where its going so that you can evaluate and plan for improvement.

Leadership Videos - where you can get help with specific challenges and obstacles so that you can confidently move forward with the implementation.

Support network of peers and experts that you can use to bounce ideas off, check understanding, and reach out to for help and advice so that you never feel alone in your role again.

Manageable Steps in learning providing step by step lessons that are guaranteed to address 100% of the curriculum, so that you know you have it covered.

Access to quality resources to secure and deepen understanding, so that implementing the Mastery Approach is effective.
More OFSTED comments about maths in 
schools who have been working with Steve and Liz 
using the CanDoMaths principles, strategies and resources:
"In the past two years, you have fundamentally reviewed mathematics teaching. The changes implemented have increased the progress current pupils are making. For example, you saw that some pupils lacked confidence in their mathematics abilities. As part of your response, you changed the teaching groups for mathematics. As a result, middle-ability and the most able pupils are receiving learning which is challenging them more. This is leading to an increase in positive attitudes to mathematics. Consequently, more pupils are working at a deeper level. Professional development for your staff is helping them to implement the changed and is giving them the confidence to innovate practice in their classrooms."
"The school's focus on developing mathematics is largely effective and having a positive impact on pupils' progress. In mathematics, pupils are experiencing greater opportunities than found previously to demonstrate their reasoning and problem-solving skills. They have time to apply these skills in new ways in mathematics."
- Cooper's Edge Primary School
What teachers who are already using 
CanDoMaths Resources are saying:
And 'Budget friendly'!!! .... all this for just £397* for academic year 2019/20
£297* for Junior schools 
£247* for Infant schools
*Excluding VAT
Please note: Your membership grants you access to the Maths Club online resources from now until the end of the next academic year 2019-2020 (31st July 2020) 
ALL PDF resources are yours to keep - forever.
A message from a 'Maths Champion' who 
has been using CanDo Fractions
Thank You Tina 
(Castle Primary School, Redstart Partnership)
With CanDoMaths Club, You Could...
  • ​Free up your time
  • ​Feel confident in knowing exactly what to do to make progress
  • ​Feel confident every day that you have the curriculum covered
  • ​Have experts in your corner
  • ​Have a support network
Teaching for Understanding
Teaching that focuses on developing secure and deep understanding, including the use of practical resources and iconic representations supports the learning and memorisation of mathematical concepts. The teaching of 'rules' and 'tricks' with no understanding and the use of only ‘standard’ examples contribute to learners feeling they 'can't do' maths.

All learners need to believe they can succeed and also believe that their teacher, and parents, believe they can succeed. Adopting a growth mindset is at the heart of a 'Can Do Maths’ approach including the use of 'yet’ and knowing that making mistakes is an essential part of learning. Parents, teachers and the media thinking it's acceptable to use phrases such as 'Don't worry, I can't do maths', 'Maths is too hard', etc all contribute to learners feeling that they 'can't do' maths.

Hard Work
Success comes from hard work. It's as simple as that! Mathematics can be difficult at times but success can be achieved through hard work. Check out the thoughts of Adam Peaty and of Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge from the Rio Olympics.

Find out more at
More of the responses from OFSTED about the maths in 
schools who have been working with Steve and Liz using the CanDoMaths principles, strategies and resources:
"Teachers use well-crafted questions to deepen and reinforce pupils' learning and to spot pupils' misconceptions. They tackle these quickly so that learning moves on swiftly. Teachers create an expectation that everyone can learn from their mistakes. Consequently, pupils are confident and willing to 'have a go'. Pupils told inspectors that 'making mistakes is a way of learning'."
-Elmbridge Primary School
"You have improved the way that teachers plan mathematics. Lessons now include more reasoning and problem-solving activities, as well as opportunities for pupils to practise their skills. 
Pupils reported that they find this approach helpful."
- Swindon Village Primary School
Please note: Your membership grants you access to the Maths Club online resources from now until the end of the next academic year 2019-2020 (31st July 2020) 
ALL PDF resources are yours to keep - forever.
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